Junior Peter-Paul


Junior PeterPaul is a proud Mi’kmaq traditional knowledge keeper. He lives on Epekwitk (Abegweit) First Nation. 

Junior spent his whole adult life learning and teaching the Mi’kmaq way of life. Sharing his knowledge and teachings down to his community and youth in all areas of Mi’kmaki. Junior is extremely active in his community, by working with the younger generations and teaching them about singing, drumming and Mi’kmaq Culture. 

Junior is on the University of PEI’s elder council and works with the Native Council of PEI and Parks Canada as  a Mi’kmaq Heritage Interpreter. He recently finished a birch bark canoe building project with another elder and the result of this project can be viewed at Skmaqn–Port-la-Joye–Fort Amherst. Junior also is involved with UPEI veterinarians and PEI’s Forest, Fish and Wildlife division, and conducts eagle release ceremonies for those injured eagles that have been rehabilitated.

Sweat lodge ceremonies and other ceremonial practices are apart of his daily life. He takes great pride in the teachings that have been passed down to him and he enjoys being able to share that knowledge with our youth and surrounding communities today.

With the help and guidance of many Elders before him, Junior has been able to raise all of his children with traditional Mi’kmaq values and knowledge that they still follow by today.