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Four different pre-recorded performances will be shown throughout the Festival this summer.
Each performance features a theme based on the core values of Small Hall Inc., community, culture and love.

L’acadiede l’île: 300 ans d’histoire


Un film bilingue qui célèbre la culture acadienne et francophone à l’Île-du-Prince-Édouard, présenté en collaboration avec la SSTA et ses partenaires.

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Our Culture, Diversity & Traditions

This film is all about cultural diversity; from fiddles and pipes, to Mi’kmaq stories and hip-hop.  Our culture is blossoming.

Like new seeds on red Island soil,  Our warm hearts inspire this culture to grow.

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Our Town. The Heart of the Island

There are unique communities and people around every corner on The Island. This film celebrates the songs and stories that bring the Island to life.

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Small Things. Great Love.

This film celebrates the Island’s talented artists and the charming beauty of kindness.

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