We’ve got the deets…

The Island Drive-in Festival is an experience like no other. Here’s the low down to ensure a great night for all.

What is the Island Drive-In Festival?

Created by Islanders, it’s a new twist on the classic drive-in experience that you’re going to love.From the comfort and safety of your car, you’ll be treated to a spectacular film showcasing the Island’s immensely talented musicians, hilarious comedians, and captivating storytellers. Sing along, dance with your arms out the window, and laugh until your belly hurts…then a little bit more!  

How will the Island Drive-In Festival ensure guests, vendors, artists and communities safety?

Our number-one priority is the health and safety of our guests, vendors, artists, and community. To ensure everyone’s safety, while onsite you are required to stay with the people that are in your vehicle in your designated car stall. 

No contact is required to show your ticket (you will show the code on your phone or a printed paper copy through the car window glass). You will be directed to your car stall by volunteers at a safe distance of more than 1.5m from the next closest car stall. 

Can I mingle with others at the show that are not in my vehicle?

No, you must stay in your vehicle while onsite.

Can I sit outside my vehicle?

Yes, all guests can bring a chair to site outside their vehicle in their designated car stall. 

Where will The Island Drive-In Festival be popping up this summer?

The Island Drive-in Festival will be popping up at locations from tip to tip throughout the summer!

What shows will be played at The Island Drive-In Festival? 

Three unique recorded-island wide shows will be played throughout the festival! Each pre-recorded show features the Island’s immensely talented musicians, hilarious comedians, and captivating storytellers.

Is there an admission fee?

There is no set admission fee for the show, but each show may be partnering with local community groups to raise funds for their organization.

Please note each venue has a set capacity. You will need reserve your spot in advance through Eventbrite. All ticket holders must be onsite one hour before showtime for guaranteed access. 

When will tickets be available to order?

You can pre-order your ticket(s) today!

I ordered my ticket(s), but didn’t receive my confirmation email – what do I do?

Please email info@driveinpei.com 

How long is the show?

All shows are approximately 90 minutes long.

How many people can be in one vehicle?

Each ticket admits one standard passenger car or SUV. All guests must have a seatbelt. 

How do I make sure I get a good parking spot?

Parking is based on a first-come-first-serve basis. Dedicated parking stalls will be marked, and you will be guided to your stall by parking attendants upon arrival. The gates will open 2 hours before showtime. 

Trucks, SUVs and vans will be parked at the back to ensure all guests have the best sightlines possible. 

Are walk-ins permitted?

At this time, only guests allowed in vehicles are allowed onsite.

Is the Island Drive-In Festival kid-friendly?

Yes, the Island Drive-In Festival is a great night out for the entire family!

What happens if a date gets cancelled due to weather?

Shows will go on rain or shine. In the event of severe weather or high winds, you will be contacted regarding a reschedule.

Can I attend if I am feeling unwell?

We ask that if anyone in your vehicle or household is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 (cough, fever, runny nose, etc.), that you stay home.

What types of vehicles are allowed onsite?

We’re doing our best to ensure everyone has the best site-lines possible, but it is going to be a little different. Motor-homes and RVs are not permitted. Cars will be parked at the front, with trucks, SUVs and vans will be parked at the back to ensure all guests have the best sightlines possible. 

Are there washrooms onsite?

Washrooms are available onsite; however, we encourage you to go before you leave home.

How can I dispose of my garbage onsite?

We ask you to please take home anything you brought in.

Can I bring food and drink from home with me to the show?

We encourage everyone to stop by their favourite restaurant to order take-out to enjoy at the show! There will not be food sold onsite. Reminder that the consumption of alcohol and smoking is prohibited.

How do you enter and exit the Drive-In?

Entry Access will be marked. Note, our guests will be placed in their dedicated vehicle stall upon arrival, front to back. Exit will occur as directed by the Event Emcee. Parking attendants will direct vehicles from the front-to-back via the clearly-marked exit gates.

Please note, re-entry is not permitted if you decide to leave for any reason. 

What is not permitted?

Legal or illegal drugs, alcohol, weapons, firearms and drones are not permitted onsite. These items will be confiscated by security if they are found onsite.

Emergency Medical & Security will Be Onsite

As required by Public Health, failure to act as outlined above will result in immediate removal from The Island Drive-In Festival by Event Security Personnel, and re-entry will not be permitted. 

Can I let my engine run during the show?

Please turn off your engine during the show as we running engines create noise and odour. 

To hear the sound of the film, you will only need to leave the ignition on and your radio on the right FM frequency, which we give you before the show. A car radio can stay on for hours before draining a battery. 

Is there anything I will need to turn off in my vehicle during the show?

Ensure that your headlights and air conditioning are turned off during the show. If it’s hot, open the windows!

What do I do if my vehicle headlights can’t be turned off?

If you vehicle headlights can’t be turned off, please bring blankets to cover your headlights during the show.

Need a Boost? 

If you have a problem with the battery, we will have a booster at each location to allow you to leave without a problem.

I have more questions! Who should I contact?

If you have questions, please contact info@peidrivein.com directly. We are happy to help.